Blogging Jobs: Make Money Blogging for Bessed

October 10, 2006

If you love blogging, but would prefer to be blogging for dollars instead of just for the fun of it (or maybe both), Bessed.com is looking for writers to “seed” a variety of topics. (Unfortunately we are only looking for U.S.-based writers at this time. We hope this will change in the future.)

Bessed (pronounced “Best”) is a search site built on WordPress that offers visitors the most relevant sites for different topics and keyword searches, while also allowing visitors to comment on search results & submit their own URLs for free.

Every new topic we create is “seeded” with 5 sites that we think provide the best introduction to that topic or provide a well-rounded introduction, i.e., we start each topic with a mix of traditional Web sites, online news stories, blog postings, etc. that provide a jumping off point for visitors to suggest more or offer comments. See the Japanese Swords page or John Battelle page to get an idea of how a topic is seeded and how visitor feedback affects results.

We need writers to seed more topics. We provide the topics, you create the post and are paid $10 per topic. To properly seed a topic should take 30-45 minutes, as we want writers to check multiple sources in order to find the 5 initial sites. But if you’re faster and can do a good job, all the better for you. (Also, as we find writers we can count on, the pay may increase.)

E-mail me at adam at bessed.com if interested. Please include links to any blogs you are currently writing for. Not necessary to have professional blogging experience, but we would like to see some writing you’ve done online.

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