The Latest Bessed October 24, 2006

October 24, 2006

Every day Bessed adds new topics, updates others and expands the information you can tap into…

Michael J. Fox is making news today thanks to his TV ads for Democratic Senate candidates Claire McCaskill (Missouri) and Ben Cardin (Maryland). The reason for the hubbub is that Fox’s Parkinson’s disease has progressed to a point where he has lost significant muscle control and so the disease itself becomes the defining feature of the commercials. Fox is promoting these candidates due to their support for stem cell research, which Fox sees as a potential avenue for finding a Parkinson’s cure, or at least advanced treatments. With stem-cell research being a hot-button political issue, Fox’s appearance in the ads is predictably causing a variety of strong opinions.

The 2006 World Series continues tonight and Bessed is continuing to find you all the best sources for both the latest news and an overview of the Series as a whole. We’re excited about our plans to cover events such as the World Series in a new way, something I’ll tackle in another post.

Barack Obama may be inching closer to a presidential run in 2008.

The Hubble Telescope has been in the news recently due to the decision NASA must make on whether to send the space shuttle to the telescope in order to make repairs or to let it die sometime around 2010. With the awesome pictures that the Hubble has created of a universe that none of us will ever see firsthand, deciding on the Hubble’s future is a hot topic.

By request of our site visitors, we’ve added these topics: Candy Bar Wrappers, Mediums (talkin’ to the dead), Antique Photographs, Colleges & Universities, Brain Injury and Car T-Shirts.

Also added or updated: Baseball, iPod, Golf, Lil Jon, Grass Valley California, Media Safes, and, finally (very finally), Obituaries.


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