Oprah Sucks!

October 31, 2006

I was thinking today of who was the most untouchable person in America, the sacred cow that must be bowed down to.  It’s got to be Oprah Winfrey.

Somewhere along the way Oprah did more than find the tipping point to massive popularity; she found the tipping point to sainthood on earth.  You just don’t hear anyone badmouth her anymore—maybe they just all are hoping to get on her show someday.

When I was living in Chicago, I sort of tangentially knew a producer on the Oprah show.  You should have seen how people treated her when they found out she had close, personal access to Oprah.  They thought she was the bee’s knees, just for working there.

It may be hard to remember now, but it wasn’t horribly long ago that Oprah was OK with scrabbling around in the gutter with Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael, Rikki Lake (and let’s not forget Rolonda) to find guests that would tell their circus sideshow stories.  She wasn’t in Springer territory necessarily, but she hadn’t gone all Dr. Phil on us yet.

And then she shed the pretenders and now is Queen of All Media.  My favorite line to my wife while in the checkout line at the grocery store: “Guess who’s on the cover of Oprah magazine this month?”

I have nothing against Oprah.  I think she’s entertaining and it’s obvious why people are drawn to her personality.  But what was it that pushed her over the edge to become an untouchable?  When did it become bad personal policy to say an unkind word against Stedman Graham’s main honey?

More important, how can I and my business get me some of that?



  1. […] It may be hard to remember now, but it wasn’t horribly long ago that Oprah was OK with scrabbling around in the gutter with Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael, Rikki Lake (and let’s not forget Rolonda) to find guests that would tell their circus sideshow stories.  She wasn’t in Springer territory necessarily, but she … I think it’s good. what about you?Link to original article […]

  2. I respect Oprah for all she has accomphished but I still can’t stand her. She has become extremely narracistic and egotiscal. She directs all conversations back to herself and loves flaunting her wealth and celebrity friends. She is also very racist. White women could never have a legends ball for people like Doris Day or Meryl Streep. Oprah would have tore them a new on her show. She didn’t even bat an eye at the extreme poverty suffered by the Native Americans after all they were not black. Her interview with Barac was terrible. She interrupted him every chance she got. Who could afford her “favorite things” except herself and Gayle? The worst is when the camera pans the audience and we are subject to the nauseating faces of her worshipers. I hope I see the day when Oprah comes tumblig back to earth. I refuse to purchase any Red merchandise either. Her and her other billionaire buddies could wipe out AIDS in Africa and still be rich. I refuse to jump on the Oprah bandwagon.

    • i agree.on a recent episode australia made a freaakin huge deal when she visited between her manis and pedicures.And apparently made her an honourary citizen. i personally think shes very self centered and doesn’t show the least bit of humbleness when she’s worshipped by schmucks around the world. that’s right. come and get me oprah

  3. anyone who features themself on the cover of their own magazine every issue is suspect. philantrophy is the new celebrity – if they really cared, they’d cut their fashion spending in half and they’d actually do something, rather than just be there for photo ops.

  4. I am a firm believer in the concept of people spending their money the way they want to, besides it’s theirs to do what they want with it. I remember when someone came out with a blog dissing Rachel Rae. When people rise to success they attract haters from all over the place. Oprah does tend to cut people off while interviewing them and it is annoying. I heard that she can be a little crude too. But, I respect her and her CHARITABLE works. She started a school for girls in Africa. She can donate or spend her money which ever way she chose, be it here in America or in other countries. The fact is that she did it and that’s all that matters. I don’t make it a practice to tell people how and where to spend their money. It’s out of line and it’s no one’s place.

    • I know elementary schools that have started more schools in inpoverished places than her with less of a fuss about it. She is a MULTIBILLIONAIRE.

  5. What I don’t appreciate about Oprah is her NEW AGE
    Bullshit about looking into yourself to find the truth of the universe. I actually heard her say that
    when her Baptist preacher told the congregation that our God was a jealous God – she said “My God is jealous of me?”
    Can you believe it? God is jealous of Oprah! Boy if that isn’t narsisstic I don’t know what is. Oh, and don’t forget she also says that there are many different ways to get to God. Well, maybe Echardt Tolle and her should go find it together and leave her philosophical misleading views regarding religion off of her show. By not doing so only shows how ignorant she really is.

  6. I agree who want to see her face on the cover everytime. I am so sick and tired of her. Her magazine & show should disappear!

  7. Oprah believes she is untouchable and is starting to “slip” up… with her racist ways! Everyone knows what she has done for african black girls but what about American black girls? Oprah needs to have the lights dim on her face so she can look into the audience and find who they are. More and more people don’t like her. I used to LOVE oprah’s show. I slowed down watching it about 3 years ago… then she has really turned me off with her racism. I REFUSE to watch her show!

  8. Almost every day I hear about this so called Oprah CRAP.
    when they gonna shut up about her.

    • alas, shes gone in 2012 my friends, rejoice!

  9. Oprah Winfrey and The O magazine
    sweepstakes are a f’n joke and a bunch of crap they don’t even have there so called O list shit
    together first of all they tried to say 10 huggable coat hangers cost $188.00 my experience dealing with these idiot’s has left me bitter it was a battle all the way no one was able to answer a simple questions it took 3 pretty stupid and clueless people to send a bunch of over priced crap, of course you have to pay taxes on
    this shit, not to mention they deducted money from your winnings to compensate for there taxes! That is a first for me. Hearst Magazine was all to ready to send a 1099 tax form before I even received all there over priced cheap ass crap f’d up shit… Oprah’s taste sucks and they are totally f’d up…

  10. I lived in Chicago as well and I worked with a technician on her set at a diffrent location in Chicago. The real situation with Oprah, I believe, is that she simply had come to a position to exploit all the common cliched troubles in America and make it seem like she cared in doing so. If you look at the history within her company and within her interventions you see a biased-ness. Behind the scenes, you really had to “qualify” for her consideration. To make a long story short, it is the overwhelming superficial America that gives her power and support. Most of which are looking for guidance in areas where they should take the responsibility of their lives their own selves, instead of from a prime-time false saviour.

  11. Oprah is a fraud! She claims she is all out to protect children, yet she fully supports placing young children on sex offender registries just for playing doctor! She also supports placing many teens on the registry for having consensual relationships with other teens. Apparently, she is not out to protect children because she doesn’t believe these kids are any different than serial rapists! What an ass!
    Oprah is just a deceptive media whore who cares more about her ratings than telling the truth.
    To hell with Oprah!

  12. Oprah is phony point blank.
    everything she does is for ratings.
    she’s an elitist and has way to much power over women in the universe when she can’t even find a man, lose weight, or have children herself.

    She just got lucky.

    However, im tired of people accusing oprah of racism.

    People ignore the fact that the demographic of her viewers are mainly white people and the celebrities on her show are mainly the interest of white people.

  13. Oprah makes me so angry. The only thing I respect is her charity work. A few things make me mad. Her interviews are full of loaded questions and when she gets an intelligent expert on the show that gives some crucial info on the show’s topic, she interrupts with a dumbed down version of what they just said. Then her legion of brainless fans applaud HER and get their dreamy ‘ Oprah’s so smart’ look on their faces. How egotistical is it to feature photoshopped pictures of herself on every issue of her magazine?? Why not feature an inspiring black person on each issue instead? She visits Africa in her expensive clothes and jewelry and acts like Mother Theresea when she gets back. Eugh!! Visiting the country and tossing money at people doesn’t even compare to the years that Saint Thesesea spent caring and nursing sick people back to health. Her ‘favourite things’ shows are appalling. Most of the products she features, only wealthy people could afford.

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