Latest Bessed November 2, 2006

November 2, 2006

Every day Bessed adds new topics, updates others and expands the information you can tap into…

Red Wine is again in the news, thanks to a new study that finds fat, slobby mice can live just as long as buff mice if the fat mice get a lot of resveratrol, a substance found in red wine. Only catch is that the amounts given to the fat mice would equal you are I drinking hundreds of bottles of wine per day. I’m on my sixth bottle today and I have to say that I do feel like I could live forever.

Just when the Democrats are getting ready to take over the joint, here comes John Kerry

Dancing With The Stars kicked off Monique Coleman; Lost kicked off Mr. Eko.

Skyhook Wireless has kind of a cool product that provides positioning information similar to what a GPS does, but it’s done via mapping based on WiFi hotspots. (My mother-in-law once saw a sign that said “Free WiFi” and asked my wife “what’s Wiffy?”)

Other new topics added: Laguna Beach (MTV Series), MacBook Pro, paidContent.org, Kurt Cobain, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Business Support Services, Trucks.

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