Bessed, One Month In

November 6, 2006

With one month under our belts since our launch, it’s time to assess where the Bessed site on the Web currently stands.

For the month of October, Bessed had 7,512 page views, or about 242 page views per day. Peanuts, but actually fairly encouraging. We launched with no name recognition, no venture capital to boast of, no TechCrunch profile.

We expanded the site to over 225 topic pages. Our goal is to have at 200 new pages created each month here in the earlygoing, and ramp that up in a few more months to really reach some critical mass. We are still at a place where 90% of the searches are simply coming up empty. While I don’t like that and want to see a better hit rate, we’re encouraged that Webmasters are using the site comments to request new categories and to have their sites listed, so many of them seem to get it.

A mention in Erick Schonfeld’s Business 2.0 blog (“The Search for the Next Big Leap in Search“) and a kind word from Adam Audette in his LED-Digest brought Bessed some attention, but otherwise I can’t say the paparazzi were camped out in front of my house or anything.

All in all, not a bad first month.


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