A Polish Dish

November 9, 2006

I am half Polish. Dish Network thinks I’m, like, totally Polish:

It would easy to make fun of Dish Network for having sent me this, as calling myself “Polish” is only a reference to distant ancestors who actually spent time in Poland. The only Polish word I know is “dupa”. As in “You bet your dupa I’m Polish!”

But I don’t want to make fun of the marketing goof. Instead, I think it’s awesome. I know a lot of companies are targeting the Hispanic market with Spanish-language marketing pieces, but I had absolutely no idea that companies were targeting the Poles. What other languages is Dish Network doing this in? Russian? Hungarian? Kazakhstanian? (Don’t know if that’s a language, just a nod to Borat.)

Anyway, a toast to Dish Network for targeting my people. God knows satellite TV should be on the top of their lists as they embark on their American adventure.


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