Latest Bessed, November 13 2006

November 13, 2006

Every day Bessed adds new topics, updates others and expands the information you can tap into…

ReviewMe is a new site that pays bloggers to blog about certain topics, a practice that has stirred up some controversy in the blogosphere.

Zune comes out tomorrow. Will it be real competition for the iPod?

Steve McQueen is still dead, but his stuff was just sold at auction this weekend, and he made a bundle.

Need some ideas for Thanksgiving Recipes?

Microsoft looks to have a winner with Photosynth, which can take multiple photos of the same place and turn them into a single 3-D recreation.

In case you missed it, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack was first to throw his hat into the ring for president in 2008, perhaps thinking a Dem sweep was a good time to have a feel-good campaign kickoff.

Other additions/updates: Dolce & Gabbana Dresses, Measles, Home Depot, Amanda Congdon, Cartier Rings, Gale Harold.

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