Latest Bessed, December 19 2006

December 19, 2006

It’s been a week since I looked at new additions/updates to Bessed. Here’s what’s making news and what our visitors have requested:

Now that Tara Conner is officially keeping her Miss USA title, we can all go back to not knowing the name of Miss USA, or that they even still do that Miss USA thing.

Rocky Balboa is the sixth and final Rocky movie, and despite the implausible story of a 60-year-old boxer stepping into the ring, the film’s getting plenty of good reviews, with many saying it’s the natural sequel to the original Rocky.

We’re certainly not above lowbrow humor, so excuse us for the addition of Justin Timberlake’s latest video on Saturday Night Live, affectionately known as Dick In A Box.

Some tech/Internet companies added this week include Mywaves, Quantcast and Jaxtr. And let’s not forget Amanda Congdon starting her new gig with ABCNews.com.

Allen Iverson‘s still looking for a new home.

By request we added these topics: Whitewater Rafting, Caribbean Food, Fathers’ Rights, T-Shirts, and DVD Distributors.

And, just for the heck of it, Ben Casnocha, Candy Cane Cookies, The Founders Fund.

Got a site that needs attention? Add yout URL to Bessed. Find your topic and tell us about your site. Don’t see a place where your site fits? Let us know—we’ll build the category you request and add your site to it.


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