January 3, 2007

Took advantage of the holidays to slip into the Barcelona! exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art before it ends this Sunday. The exhibit features the work of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Antoni Gaudi and Salvador Dali, as well as their contemporaries in the Barcelona scene.

Here are a few of the highlight pieces. My wife and I spent part of our honeymoon in Barcelona in 1995 and that’s where I first learned about Antoni Gaudi. He was crazy! The exhibit features some of his wacky furniture and also info on his never-ending project the Sagrada Familia. Gaudi’s been dead 80 years and they’re still building this thing. They were building it when I was there 10+ years ago and they’re going to be building it for 25 more years according to the exhibit info.

Other highlights of the exhibit for me included Dali’s Soft Construction With Boiled Beans, Picasso’s Blind Man’s Meal, and a Miro once owned by a poor Ernest Hemingway (he was obsessed with those Spaniards you know).

We were a bit rushed as there was high demand and we just squeezed in with the last group of the day but it was still a worthwhile visit.

If you’re in New York or will be, the Barcelona! exhibit hits the Metropolitan Museum of Art March 5 through June 3 of this year.

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