iPhone Awesome, Too Expensive

January 10, 2007

By now you probably have heard all about the new iPhone that Steve Jobs announced today at Macworld. (If not, go here to see the keynote speech or learn more about the phone.)  I’m not a huge cell phone user, but this one makes me want to become one.  It’s small and slick, awesome features and appears to be easy to use.  They’re not out for sale until June, so I don’t know that for sure, but Apple is good at making things look good and work easy. And Jobs’ presentation sold us on the idea that everything could be done with a finger on a touchscreen—sounds pretty easy.

But I can’t see paying $499 (for a 4GB phone) or $599 (for a 8GB phone) to have one.  A couple reasons why.

First, cell phones get lost.  That’s a pretty damn expensive piece of equipment to carry around everywhere with the possibility of it getting lost. It’s small size is almost too small, making it even easier to misplace or have it fall out of a bag or pocket without noticing it.

Second, as easy as it looks to use, I still don’t particularly care if I have a combination iPod/phone/camera.  I use my iPod mainly when I exercise, although I have a speaker thingy to dock it into that I use occasionally.  But I don’t necessarily want my iPod to make phone calls or my phone to play music.  Maybe that’s just me.  Maybe the phone is built for a younger crowd that does want these features.  But can that young crowd afford a $499 or $599 cell phone?  Well, probably a lot of them can, actually.  But still, it will be interesting to see if that price point scares people away or not.

One more thought.  Human nature being what it is, how long will it be before people get mugged for their iPhone?  Or how long until kids start bringing them to school and getting beat up and robbed of them?  It’s happened with high-end sneakers, and I think it even happened when the iPods first appeared.  I’m sure we’ll hear stories about it happening with the iPhone.  (I should note, however, that the media likes to find a story like that and blow it out of proportion, as if people are knocking each other over the head left and right to steal each other’s stuff.)

So I won’t be an early adopter, but if Apple wants to drop one in my lap to reach the influential blogger/startup CEO crowd, I can be bought.

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