Sphere – Blog Search and Destroy

February 7, 2007

I often check out the blog search engine Sphere to see what it’s showing as the “hot searches” of the moment.

I’m not enamored of Sphere’s search results, but I love their home page. The hot searches coexist next to some thoughts on other random blog topics I might find interesting. (I usually don’t, but knowing there are blogs on the Atlanta Hawks and rodeos is interesting to me.)

There’s only one thing that I can’t help thinking every time I go to Sphere. Their tag line shown in the top of the browser is “Blog Search & Discovery” and for some reason I can’t help but think to myself “Blog Search and Destroy” as if they are somehow offering a video game in which you shoot down blogs.

Maybe they could integrate a game like that into their site, with the most popular blogs being the hardest to kill. “Ha! I just picked off Guy Kawasaki!” “Today I’m finally going to beat Boing Boing!”

Funny the things that float through your mind, isn’t it?

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Adam Jusko is founder and CEO of Bessed, a Web site promising “search without spam”, thanks to human-edited search results and ongoing visitor feedback. Do a search, offer your comments, submit your site–help create the “bessed” search site in the world.


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