My TurboTax Rap

February 20, 2007

I read about this TurboTax contest on the Church of the Customer blog. It’s a contest where you make up a rap song about TurboTax and then make a video of yourself rapping it. Vanilla Ice is the spokesperson for the contest, and who doesn’t love Vanilla Ice?

I’m not planning on videotaping myself rapping, but I’ve decided to lay down a few rhymes to help out my homies who love to entertain but don’t have the mad skillz as writers. All y’all can feel free to use these ill rhymes to win you the dope prize & chill with my man ‘Nilla.

Here goes…

Awww, yeah….

You ain’t Turbotaxin’?

Maaaannnn, you’d be relaxin

down there poolside wif a drink in yo hand

instead a sittin inna office with a pasty white accountant

bitin yer nails while he’s goin through a mountain

of papers that show you ain’t got no dough

Conjunction junction

What’s a deduction?

My man TurboTax don’t miss a trick

Dependents? Yeah, I got ’em, what’s it to you?

You mean they givin’ me money back for sweet Sarah Sue?

Aw, TurboTax, you saved my ass

From the IRS tryin to take my pants

And my shirt and my shoes and my undies, too

TurboTax, my brotha, I owe it all to you.

Did I tell you I had it goin’ on? I’m cookin’ MCs like a pound of bacon.

e-mail me: adam@bessed.com

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  1. Get out your camcorder – that’s a winner!

  2. Record that! The kids will love it. Word.

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