Opening the Gates of Bessed

February 28, 2007

In the spirit of social media and a wikified world, I’ve been looking for ways to open Bessed up to contributors without completely giving away the keys to the castle.  In other words, we’d like people to contribute their ideas of the best sites for topics/keyword searches, but we want enough editorial control that it doesn’t hurt the usefulness of the site.  And, having others contribute obviously allows us to build on the number of searches we cover much more quickly.

A possibility is to actually open up a secondary domain, call it the Bessed Scratchpad or something like that, and give anyone interested the ability to make a short list of links on a topic/keyword phrase of their choosing and publish it to that site, and then take the best of those contributions into the Bessed.com domain.  I’m sure many Webmasters and people interested in certain subjects would be interested in doing this.

The only thing that worries me is that allowing these contributions to publish to a different domain could then make it confusing as to what’s what with Bessed.  People may not understand why the secondary domain exists.  It is possible with WordPress to let people write a topic list and save it without it actually being published, so that might be a way to make sure that only what passes muster sees the light of day on Bessed.

Alternately, we could have people simply e-mail us lists or even have them publish them to their own blogs and invite us us to incorporate them into Bessed.

Not sure how to go about this, but we definitely want to get there.  If you have any thoughts on the best way to make user contributions a reality, I’d appreciate it.

e-mail me: adam@bessed.com

Adam Jusko is founder and CEO of Bessed, a Web site promising “search without spam”, thanks to human-edited search results and ongoing visitor feedback. Do a search, offer your comments, submit your site–help create the “bessed” search site in the world.


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