Giving Away Two Joost Invites

March 1, 2007

I’ve got two Joost invites to give away. Be one of the first two to comment on the Joost page on Bessed & I’ll give one of the Joost invitations to little old you, so you can check out the new interactive TV product while its still in private beta.

UPDATE: I just got one more, so although the first two were taken, there’s now one more.



  1. Hey mate, can you fix me up with an invite? email is dorian_moser @ yahoo.co.uk

  2. Hey,
    I’d like a Joost invite, if you still have any.
    p.s. FREE TV FOR THE WIN !

  3. I live in brazil and would love to receive a joost invitation, I know a lot of people here, soo i can share with them the experience!!! Also I can discovery a new world of oportunities!!! We have some problems here…Thanks be to God, because I have a good machine and a Good Conection!!!

    thank you very much!!!
    Be With God

  4. hey can i get a joost invite please?


  5. Hey man do you have any joost invites left? im a college student and cant afford cable tv.. damn.


  6. I would really appreciate an invite if you have any more or if someone else has one.



  7. Please if anyone has a spare invite i have been searching for ages… i will post any tokens here if i get any


  8. If you have anymore. I would be greatly appreciate a Joost invite. Thank You.

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