Looking for Cash, and How to Grow in the Meantime

March 8, 2007

In an ideal world, Bessed would grow its human-powered search engine as follows: hire roughly 80-100 editors who churn out more and more search results pages each day in order to reach a critical mass that makes Bessed a trusted resource for the vast majority of searches that people do.  (To reach that critical mass would take about three years by my  estimates.)

One of the great things about having this many editors devoted to search would be that Bessed could be timely on searches that change often due to frequent news, while also fleshing out the “long tail” of searches—those thousands of searches done each day on topics/companies/people that do not need frequent updates.  The combination of the two would create a tremendous mass of search results that are spam-free, timely, and accurate.

Unfortunately, to do it right requires a lot of money, much more than we have.  And my casual talks with investor types thus far have basically led to the same conclusion—no money until you show some traction, meaning a certain traffic and/or revenue level.  This is especially true in that Bessed does not have a management team with a home run under its belt.  Hit a home run and investors are more likely to back you next time, because, of course, they’ve seen you hit a home run.

So, toward that end, we at Bessed are going to shift our focus a bit.  Instead of trying to be all Bessed could be if done on a wider scale, we are going to focus on the reality of what we can actually accomplish on a smaller scale, with the intention of going bigger once we’ve proven ourselves.

How does that play out?  Less of a focus on timely events.  Less focus on entertainment, politics, etc. and more focus on the long search of what people actually “need.”  In other words, you might “want” to read about Britney Spears, but you “need” information on finding a job or what the explanation might be for that pain in your left ear.

We are going to spend much less time on updating the daily ephemeral “events” and more time on the timeless searches that mean long-term traffic and, most important, higher revenue potential. We need to show more progress on a small scale, and I believe this is the way to accomplish that. We’ll see how it goes.

e-mail me: adam@bessed.com

Adam Jusko is founder and CEO of Bessed, a Web site promising “search without spam”, thanks to human-edited search results and ongoing visitor feedback. Do a search, offer your comments, submit your site–help create the “bessed” search site in the world.


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