To All the TechCrunch Haters

April 5, 2007

My man Mike Arrington over at TechCrunch is asking me to bring the hate. He wants me to find the worst post on TechCrunch and say why it’s bad. But I can’t do it, man. That’s like asking who’s the ugliest Miss America, you know what I’m saying?

I mean, that TechCrunch is so useful. I went through some of the old posts and they were awesome, man. (Mike likes to use the words “awesome” and “cool” a lot and so I picked up on that, yeah?) Like there’s all this Web 20 stuff for your celly, right? And TC’s got it all, and I love it all. I downloaded all of those mofos today even if I didn’t know what Mike was talking about with his SMS and OpenID and Twitty and whatever. My phone’s goin’ crazy, dudes! It’s beepin and boopin and I got people I don’t know tellin’ me what they’re doing 24/7! One time the phone flew up and kissed me on the nose. I wouldn’t have had this experience without Mike and the TC crew, know what I’m saying? I digg it. (See what I did there? I’m gettin all Web 20 again.)

So I’m already loving the TC brigade, right? But then I latch on to this one old post I missed. I don’t know how I missed it, cause I’m on TC religious-like, right?

Anyway the post’s about this site KritX, which I’m loving cause it’s got the Web 20 name going on. It’s like “Critics” see? But they spelled it all wacky, right?

So in the post Mike says that KritX is “very raw, but they are on to something big – aggregation of reviews from blogs (the edge of the network).” I don’t know about that edge of the network— more stuff for my celly?—but I’m digging the aggregation of reviews from blogs, because, as Mike says, “I’d like to see someting like this be built.” If Mike wants it, you think I want it? Yuh-huh.

Mike says “kritX is combinging blog reviews and microformats with a vertical search engine to present these edge reviews to users” and even though he says it “has a long way to go” he knows it to be “a good idea that can grow into something incredible.” I’m on this baby!

I went to KritX today and it’s filled its potential, man. I admit I was confused at first because it had a message that said “This site is under construction” on top of the page. But it must’ve only been part under construction because right under the message I saw all these reviews about all my favorite stuff. I mean, KritX must have like ESPN, man, because it knew totally what I was into. Homes For Sale, Apartments, Dating Services, Chat Rooms—that’s all me, dudes. Weight Loss, Fitness, Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, Pregnancy—those fit my profile, too, right?

One of my pet peeps, though, is Web 20 sites that don’t deliver, right? Could KritX really aggregate and supplimate the best reviews on so many topics? That’s like a rhetorical question, man. Check it out:

I clicked on “Download Ringtones” and right off the bat I’m seeing a review that gets to the heart of matters. It says “Ringtone Jam Jam – Your One stop Destination For Cell Phone Ringtones We have a huge collection of the most popular ringtones for handsets on AT&T, Cingular, SprintPCS, T-Mobile, Alltel, Nextel, Verizon and more. As little as $5.99 per week”

That’s a review I can understand from a fellow blogger who’s tried this stuff out, right? Ringtone Jam Jam—that’s a name that inspires confidence and I wish I could thank the reviewer who was good enough to take the time to write about it.

Now check this. I clicked on “Debt Consolidation” and there were some great reviews that got straight to the point. First one up said “Consumer Debt Consolidation Family Credit Counseling offers free budget counseling, credit counseling and if you choose to enroll in a debt management plan, FCC charges no setup fees, nothing to lose but your debt.”

That reviewer’s got a way with words, right? “Nothing to lose but your debt.” I love it. That’s not something just any old hack could write. I bet even Mike would’ve had a hard time coming up with that line. But that’s why I love KritX so much. Anything you can think of, they got like 20-40 reviews on.

Mike was right, as usual. Kritx is incredible!

I feel happy right now. And I got TechCrunch to thank. You haters can just leave through the side door.

Your friend, Adam

P.S. Mike if you’re reading this I also want to thank you for the 411 on Mechanical Turk. Like you said, it’s “brilliant.” Like I got someone to pay me 98 cents to identify the color of cars in about 200 pictures. I love cars! I would’ve done that for free, right? Much love Mike.

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