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The Reward for a Job Well Done

November 6, 2006

Like quite a few other people today, I saw this post on Guy Kawasaki’s blog, pointing to a very well done and interesting post from food blog The Amateur Gourmet.

I saw that the Buzzoodle blog also referenced Kawasaki’s post and I left a comment there about the decision bloggers have to make in the age of “the Digg”, when an awesome post can bring thousands of visitors, or can simply be ignored, making all your work seem not quite worth it.

Here’s what I said:

I think that a problem for a lot of bloggers is that they want to create something noteworthy but at the same time they are afraid to spend so much time on something that may be passed over so quickly in the never-ending rush to the new new new. If you get Dugg, your hard work pays off. If you don’t you may have just spend 6 hours on something that was fun but feels like not the best use of your time. On the other hand, if you spend 6 hours on a single awesome post like that one, maybe you end up on Guy Kawasaki’s blog and people start pointing you out and you gain a whole new audience. Sometimes you have to take that chance and spend that time to craft something really great if you want to get noticed.

If you’re blogging purely for fun, it doesn’t matter either way. But if you’re blogging for business purposes, it’s sometimes difficult to decide how much time to spend on something like that, especially if you’ve done something grandiose in the past and couldn’t get a bite of interest out of the Internet at large.

Like everything else in life, you have to weight the pros and cons. It comes down to how much money you have and/or how much time you have as to whether you’re going to reach to the top of your creative game to pull out something truly special or be a little less marvelous but keep the ball rolling forward.

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The Digg

September 29, 2006

Thanks to whoever posted a Digg for Bessed last night. I was thinking that might not come until next week when we make a more concentrated push for coverage, but I’m happy to see someone thought it was worth their time.

If you’re of a mind to, stop over at Digg and give us a vote.